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Nature is an integrated, harmonised living organism.

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We attempt to enhance awareness of people towards nature and highlight damages being incurred due to current lifestyle patterns. We believe, that nature is not an unlimited warehouse and objective for exploitation and profit. Current development thinking commodifies nature into products and transforms human into consumers.

Our team is motivated to prevent destruction/damages to biodiversity. We have organised ourselves into Forest Fire Prevention/fighting teams. Our volunteers and members provide information and early warning about any intentional damage to environment. On receiving information, our NGO informs Government agencies and consequently joins hand with them to prevent/mitigate negative effects of human caused damage to nature.

Apart from the above mentioned responsibilities our members have been given task to assist Government, local bodies and citizens. Our Resource Personals guide members/volunteers for implementation of projects on ground.

Prevent Forest Fire
Water Conservation
Dissuade Mining
Prevent Soil Degradation
80g tax benefits *
Avail 50% tax exemption under
Section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

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Strengthen us to prevent damage or destruction to our environment. Help us safeguard Biodiversity and the places we treasure.

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Our green clubs - Teaching outdoor

"Human Relationship with their habitat."
Check out our classrooms for the diversity of categories to explore.

Reconnection with nature will only come when nature itself is the classroom.

Wild Flowers
Breathing Forests/Trees
Forest Fruits
World of Fungi
Trekking in snow bound, high altitude areas
Water Bodies
Medicinal Plants & Herbs
Bee Keeping/Epiculture

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